Thursday, May 7, 2009

Study Says LCMS Safest from Swine Flu

In a letter to pastors across the nation addressing the swine flu pandemic, LCMS officials reassured clergy that their churches are among the safest from the threat of this disease. The letter cited the two main areas of exposure to the swine flu as evidence:

"The flu has been shown to spread most effectively among those who have recently traveled through the poorer parts of Mexico, as well as those who have close contact with Mexican immigrants. Since the number of LCMS congregations actually going to Mexico on mission trips is negligable and the percentage of Hispanics in our congregations is miniscule, we should be relatively well protected."

The letter went on to state, however, that LCMS members should still be cautious in their everyday activities, taking special care not to get too friendly with anyone who looks too different from themselves.

Also in the letter was an encouragement to show "solidarity" with our Hispanic brethren, including a suggestion that congregations sing their token hymn in their Lutheran Service Book hymnal, "Alabare."

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